Tshula Mcebisi Sifundise

Information Technologist and a Technophile

U Vundle u Bhayi Ka Khetshe u Msuthu


2018 February - Present

Online Software Engineering Bootcamp with Python programming (Internship Programme)

We have been given a chance to do an online software development programme with Python. During the course we develop interactive business websites, mobile applications, we do a lot of research working with statistics for Data Science then analyse them with Microsoft PowerBI and while learning to be professionals by practicing SCRUM

2018 January - 2018 February

I attended the immedia summer school programme scheduled for one week to gain insight into a post PC solutions company. While I was there, my job was to create websites with Angular JS, CSS, HTML 5 and developing more interactive websites with WordPress.

2017 August - 2017 September

/* Data and Domain Migration Project */

I have been contracted by DataCentrix and coalition ICT via Venus Group to participate in an IT project for CCBA at Pietermaritzburg, Phoenix and Phoenix Premier Place Industrial Park. The Project roll-out took for 30 days “From 05/08/2017 to 02/09/2017” including one day of Medical fitness checkup, the second day of CCBA Induction and project training. 

The project entailed end-user email backups, domain migration, and post-migration “Outlook profile creation, importing backup emails that were stored in pre-migration” IT configuration, Microsoft Outlook signature creation, helping end users to set auto-replies from the old emails to the new domain “From abi.sabmiller to ccbagroup.com” and provided end-user desktop support.

2015 February - 2017 November

I volunteered my self to assist first-year students with End-user Computing, Advanced PC Skills, Network 101 and Basic Web Development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

About Me

I am an energetic and enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge and achieving personal goals. My present career aim is Information Technology and I have chosen it because I enjoy working with computers, I enjoy the environment and I find the work interesting and satisfying. The opportunity to learn new skills and work with new technologies is particularly attractive to me.


2018 February - Present

As an intern at BCX, I have been enrolled in an online software engineering Bootcamp to endorse our skills in programming and Statistics for DataScience including Scrum Fundamentals and completed online exams in Scrum study

2017 December - 2018 June
2015 - 2017
2012 - 2014

Lehana Senior Secondary School


HTML 89%
WordPress 61%
CSS 42%
Java Script 57%
Java 64%
Microsoft Office 92%
Microsoft Power BI 46%


Zamantungwa Khumalo

Information Technology Lecture

Veshal Mohanlall

CCBA - Domain Migration Project Manager

Nomfundo Khwela

Support Services

Zarina Moorad

Coach - Team Durban

Robert Matiwa

BCX Facilitator - Team Durban

Available upon request