"A person Who is Enthusiastic About New Technology"


Since i was introduced to web development from high school i always had a dream to have my own personal website and while i was in 3rd year i had a project to build a an interactive website so i decided to build my own website “”

Technophilefura will be an ongoing project because as i grow in Information Technology industry and in web-development i will keep on adding functionalities.

The reason I have built this website is that I want to help people at home and in businesses that face IT related challenges so this website outlines most of  the services that I am able to perform and offer IT related advices on my blog

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any deep knowledge, everything was just all a dream but then it came through"

Computer rapairs your way​

Whether you are looking for help with the daily evolving technology or Information Communication Technology issues, PC repairs, laptop repairs, upgrading hardware, need office solution software’s, problem prevention, virus and spyware protection or data recovery and backup solutions, or if your PC has just crashed, or you have just purchased a new computer, laptop, printer or accessory and would like someone to help you get it all setup. Don’t hesitate to contact me, your IT guy: 0744032922 / 0711824608 or Email:

Working fast

Remember how fast your computer ran when you first brought it home? Working with a new computer is so much fun. Unfortunately, as time goes on, your new best friend can start to slow down. Your favourite programs don’t run as fast and it may even start to freeze, I can make your computer run as good as new again. I’m here to make your computer problems disappear

You might need us if

  • Your desktop computer is slower than usual
  • Advertisements are appearing on your screen
  • You see the “Blue Screen of Death” regularly
  • Your desktop computer overheats regularly
  • You hear beeping from your desktop computer
  • You are unable to connect to the internet with your desktop

So you might have forgot your password, we are happy to help.

Windows Password Reset

Reset Windows Password So you forgot your Windows password? Hey, it happens. Most of us normally create complicated passwords so they're difficult to guess but sometimes we make them so complicated that we forget them ourselves. You are not alone, trust me. Fortunately I know some ways of recreating a new password to your system without loosing personal files, else I'd perform a factory reset to your PC and be like brand new but you will lose your files. Therefore my prices differ based in your situation.

Android Password Removal

Before I attempt to remove a password from your smart-phone, first I will ask you to put upfront your cell phone box and a slip showing the IMEI number that outlines that the phone belongs to you. Remember that it's illegal to bypass security therefore that box and slip will guarantee that the phone belongs to you so. I can not take a risk and remove a password if the phone is stolen because that is against the law.
Remember: It is crime to bypass anything and bypassing security is against the user agreement

we build websites

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